About Us

To excel at developing and selling mining and irrigation parts and equipment.


To be one of the top three and most reputable mining and irrigation companies nationwide, as well as expand our foreign market share.


Responsibility, innovation, safety and ethics.

VS Ind. e Com. de Metais Ltda. specializes in the production and sales of mining and irrigation parts and equipment. Open since 1993, we have become a reference in our market due to our high quality production standards and customer care.

We are currently expanding our production line in order to offer an even greater  range of products and parts to our customers in conjunction with our two other distribution centers located in the city of Cuiabá, state of Mato Grosso and in the city of Novo Progresso, state of Pará.

Top selling products include Grinders, High Pressure Pumps, Engine Mounts, Shafts, Ball Bearings, Dredge Pump Rotors, Union Hose Connectors, Grinder Hammers, Pump Nozzles, High Pressure Distribution Pipes among others.

We export some of our products to countries such as Suriname, Peru, Angola and Venezuela which highlights our high production standards from raw material selection till delivery of our finished products.